Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I found Elukka on Etsy. Elukka lives with her husband in Finland but she is originally from Hungary. Their shared language is English. She calls it their "love language." Very romantic. These tiles are very tiny (1x1) and I have twenty five of them. Elukka calls them My Land puzzle tiles because if you are patient enough you can put them all together so they "connect" through lines she has drawn into the clay. Though I love all the pieces, my favorites are the two that form a small beach. You can see them in both of the photos below. I want to tile the pieces into a wood frame but for now they are sitting on an end table in my living room. I look at the little beach and imagine myself walking from my little house with the red roof to the bench. I sit for awhile and watch the waves and Poppy running on the beach before walking home again.

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