Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom

Today is my mom's 84th birthday. When I was little I pretended I was the zoo keeper in If I Ran the Zoo for several days. My mom made sure I had all the paper and supplies I needed to create the animals in my zoo. She let me tape the pictures to the walls in the living room and make cages for them out of the furniture. Another time, she made me a red cape and I "became" Little Red Riding Hood. I would stalk past the dog (TBBW) in the back yard. My dark woods. This went on for several weeks and it is to her credit that she never took me to a psychiatrist. She put my jammies in the dryer every night so they were toasty warm for me when I was ready for bed. I could tell you many similar stories but I think you can see what a lucky daughter I am. Thanks, Mom. I love you. 

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