Thursday, November 4, 2010

It is time to begin this walk to see where it leads me.

It's raining. Poppy has gone to the vet for her "operation." Poor lamb thought she was going for a ride in the car to the bank for a biscuit. I started this blog in 2009 with one posting. I finally figured out how to delete it so I could begin again. I restart many things. My plan this time is to share my thoughts on the art I create and the art of other artists that I like. I'll write about moving to a small beach community in Washington and cleaning out the house I have live in for thirty years. I do live by the water here in Anchorage, Alaska. Cook Inlet, the body of water that Anchorage is built around, does not have a walkable beach. The city has a beautiful, multi-use coastal trail that runs 12 miles from downtown to a recreation area called Kincaid Park. Unless, I am with a friend, I rarely walk the trail. For the time being, my beach walking is done around the neighborhood. I hope you will walk with me.

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