Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eyes and Ears, Etc.

I have been trying to draw something every day. This does not come naturally for me as it does some people. Heaven knows I need the practice. I wish I had an over whelming passion and desire to draw, draw, draw. I have heard so many artists talk about this feeling and I wonder a lot what I can do to change and be more like them. I am trying very hard not to be without my drawing materials and this past week it has been pencil drawings of facial features whenever I can. I do love drawing with soft pencils. I like smudging and shading and my drawings aren't as stiff with pencils as they tend to be with a pen. I'll post some pen drawings, soon, so you see what I mean. I drew some of the pics below when I took Poppy to the vet this afternoon to have her stitches out from her spay. It all went very well. Poppy was beside herself to see Dr. Schimdt and the three legged cat that lives in the office. We have the ok for our walks now so tomorrow it will be back to pretending we are at the beach and drawing, of course.

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