Friday, November 5, 2010

Journalfest Day 3

My favorite class was, "Learning To See," with Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen. What a talent! The objective of the class was to take us through exercises to train our brains to access the right-side when we are drawing. I was exhausted yet inspired after this class was over! I definitely want to take another class from Lisa in the future.  
Lisa showing us some pictures on her camera during a demo.
She quick sketches with a  PITT pen and fills in the watercolor
and colored pencils at a later time.  She uses the photos
to help her remember the colors she needs to use.

Lisa sketching.

A classmate working on the "right" side!

Our group portrait of Teesha Moore. I did the following squares:
top row, 4th from the left (hair and forehead); second row from top,
3rd from left (eye); third row from top, 3rd from left (nose)

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  1. Lauri!! Just came across this, I am SO Pleased you had such a good time. Even better, it was wonderful to see you using your newly found vision. ;)
    Do you mind if I repost this on my blog?